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“The subject of human creativity is not an ethnic-centric, but a composite subject.” • — Anthony Braxton
“… It is not my mode of thought that has caused my misfortunes, but the mode of thought of others.” • — The Marquis de Sade

Monday, June 18, 2018

‘This is huge’: black liberationist speaks out after her 40 years in prison || The Guardian

The Guardian (Ed Pilkington) - Exclusive: Debbie Sims Africa, the first freed member of a radical Philadelphia group many say were unjustly imprisoned, talks about reuniting with her son and defends the Move members still locked up: ‘We are peaceful people’

The release of Debbie Sims Africa is a major breakthrough regarding the ongoing incarceration of large numbers of individuals involved in the black liberation movement of the late 1960s and 1970s who are now growing old behind bars. At least 25 men and women belonging to Move or the former Black Panther party remain locked up, in some cases almost half a century after their arrests.

On 13 May 1985, Philadelphia police bombed the Move compound, killing 11 people, including five children, and destroying an entire neighborhood. The countercultural group lived communally and had a history of violent encounters with police.

Oum Dermam Stars | Wadaana Baas || Best of Sudanese Songs @Afrikafestival Hertme 2009 - Culture Musical Club

Wadaana Baas

Oum Dermam Stars

Best of Sudanese Songs

Siti & The Band


So, you send your lover to tail me?

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Rodrigo Tavares || Congo

released November 24, 2016

Rodrigo Tavares - guitars
Felipe Continentino - drums
Pedro Santana - bass
Fred Selva - vibes and congas
Breno Mendonça - tenor saxophone
Felipe Bastos - percussion
Marcus Abjaud - fender rhodes
Thiago Nunnes - guitar in Yangon

Saturday, June 16, 2018


Lenovo Legion: Full Time Gamers from Tendril on Vimeo.

Lenovo Legion: Full Time Gamers | Process from Tendril on Vimeo.

Diversity in publishing is under attack. I hear the sound of knuckles dragging || Hanif Kureishi

Hanif Kureishi

Culture won’t be diluted by promoting minority writers. Its privileged ‘defenders’ are just trying to silence other voices

The furore over Penguin’s wise and brave decision to “reflect the diversity of British society” in its publishing and hiring output seems to have awoken the usual knuckle-dragging, semi-blind suspects with their endlessly repeated terrors and fears. They appear to believe that what is called “diversity” or “positive action” will lead to a dilution of their culture. Their stupidity and the sound of their pathetic whining would be funny if it weren’t so tragic for Britain. You might even want to call it a form of self-loathing; it is certainly unpatriotic and lacking in generosity.

The industries I’ve worked in for most of my life – film, TV, theatre, publishing – have all been more or less entirely dominated by white Oxbridge men, and they still mostly are. These men and their lackeys have been the beneficiaries of positive discrimination, to say the least, for centuries. The world has always been theirs, and they now believe they own it.

Some of us have been fortunate enough to force a way through the maze and make a living as artists. It was a difficult and often humiliating trip, I can tell you. There was much patronisation and many insults on the way, and they are still going on.

We are still expected to be grateful, though those in charge – never having had to fight for anything – have always been the lucky ones. And these lucky ones, with their implicit privilege, wealth and power – indeed, so much of it they don’t even see it – are beginning to intuit that their day is done. Before, with their sense of superiority and lofty arrogance, they could intimidate everyone around them. No more.



Reminds me of a civil servant, a secretary, who tried to downplay her boss, rising her voice for me to hear, she implied that her boss benefited from quotas, due to a gender equality bill. Like you, she is a woman, i remember thinking, but now i do think she was referring to her boss dark skin shade.

On The Sad State of Macintosh Hardware || Quentin Carnicelli

Quentin Carnicelli


Given the incredibly sad state of the Mac lineup, it’s difficult to understand how WWDC could have come and gone with no hardware releases. Apple’s transparency in 2017 regarding their miscalculation with the Mac Pro seemed encouraging, but over a year later, the company has utterly failed to produce anything tangible. Instead, customers are still forced to choose between purchasing new computers that are actually years old or holding out in the faint hope that hardware updates are still to come. Every day, the situation becomes more dire.


Siti & The Band

released January 1, 2018

Lead Vocals & Oud: Amina Omar
Violin: Rahma Ameyr
Qanun: Gora Moh’d Gora
Bass: Samuel Mbaluka
Drums: James Clemence
Trumpet: Arundel Matoyi

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