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“… It is not my mode of thought that has caused my misfortunes, but the mode of thought of others.” • — The Marquis de Sade

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Clovis Gay || FaceRIG

FaceRIG from clovis gay on Vimeo.

clovis gay
done back in 2014 to experiment on facial rigging,
and develop my facial rigging tools for advanced and realistic setups.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Music || Adrian Crowley || Kevin Drumm

Dave McKean

Signal to Noise

Mateusz Matejczyk

#rigTip - Corrective Joint Chain from Mateusz Matejczyk on Vimeo.

Mateusz Matejczyk

Check out my rigging system:

Contact: Mateusz Matejczyk

Theory behind it by Marco D'ambros:

Friday, October 12, 2018

The “One more Thing” Or The Cock Squad Or Fragile Masculinity

The stupid can't even argument on his own mother language - thinks he is being fooled. for that, he would have been an eager participant on his said charade.
Now, what you call a man obsessed with another man’s cock?
Is yours not working?
Am I to blame?

A woman, on the contrary I do understand, longing to address her husband’s shortcomings maybe, even stupidity, I am not to blame, nevertheless!

BTW, even for a college educated adult, your micro-aggressions are proofs of what I think of you.
Keep them coming!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Cat Power

Cross My Heart || Sontenish Myers

Cross My Heart from Sontenish Myers on Vimeo.

An American teenage girl visits her family in Jamaica and uncovers a secret that changes the way she sees the people she loves. This film explores the culture of silence amongst women, the kinds of secrets we keep and who they’re actually protecting.
Winner of the Vimeo Staff Pick Award at the 2018 Hamptons International Film Festival.
“This film masterfully navigated through delicate questions regarding trust and loyalty, when they’re thrown into turmoil following an act of sexual abuse. Anchored by outstanding performances from its two young leads and a nuanced directorial approach, we present the Vimeo Staff Pick Award to "Cross My Heart” by Sontenish Myers.“ - Vimeo Curation

Do No Harm || Roseanne Liang

Do No Harm from Roseanne Liang on Vimeo.

3am. 1980s Hongjing. In an aging private hospital, a single-minded surgeon is forced to break her physician’s oath when violent gangsters storm in to stop a crucial operation.
“Do No Harm” is this week’s Staff Pick Premiere. Read more about it here:
NZFC Premiere Pathways
Director: Roseanne Liang
Producer: Hamish Mortland
Executive Producers: Tim WhiteTim Wong & Roseanne Liang
DOP: Andrew McGeorge
Prod Designer: Gary Mackay
Costume Designer: Jaindra Watson
Editor: Tom Eagles
Composer: Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

iPhone XS vs $10K Canon C200 cinema camera || Ed Gregory

Photos In Color || iPhone XS vs CINEMA Camera – Can you spot the DIFFERENCE?

In conclusion the iPhone camera is a smartphone camera and always will be. It is incredibly small but to be honest give completely mind blowing results. If you are shooting to video that is intended to be viewed on a smartphone and you don’t want to do any post processing then the files strait from the app are impressive. Apple has done a great job of optimizing the output to make the files look great instantly. Does it come close to a cinema camera, not at all.

Is it as good as a cinema camera, not at all. Is it the best camera I have ever seen on a smartphone? 100%.

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