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Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Mystery Of The Gardener's Groove/Illumination || In Order to Survive Live

William Parker’s IN ORDER TO SURVIVE live at THE STONE PT II from Windows Have Eyes on Vimeo.

An exclusive clip from "The Mystery Of The Gardener's Groove/Illumination", William Parker's In Order To Survive live at The Stone in NYC on October 10, 2013. William Parker changes the world every time he plays music. One of the most beautiful people we have ever encountered, Parker's artistic vision and musical voice transcend this world. To fully experience and understand Parker, one must receive his musical gifts in person, sharing the moment with him. This excerpt from "The Mystery Of The Gardener's Groove/Illumination" presents a window into the tone world of William Parker.

Lewis Barnes - trumpet
Rob Brown - alto sax
Steve Swell - trombone
Cooper-Moore - piano
William Parker - bass
Hamid Drake - drums

Camera: David Appel, George McMorrow & Michael Lucio Sternbach
Edit: MLS
Audio: Randy Thaler

Special thanks to Steven Joerg & Aum Fidelity.

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