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“The subject of human creativity is not an ethnic-centric, but a composite subject.” • — Anthony Braxton
“… It is not my mode of thought that has caused my misfortunes, but the mode of thought of others.” • — The Marquis de Sade

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Aural Fit || Mubomuso

Tanabe Endo - Bass
Nanbu Teruhisa - Drums
Bohachi Mondo - Guitar, Vocals

bandcamp (utech records):

Mubomuso is a neologism, made up from two extant words. Mubo suggests the unadorned and unaffected, while muso means to be in a state without thought or preplanning. All parts of the release lead the listener towards the consideration of a very specific topic – war and violence, and the deeper connections to human nature. Stripped of the clothing of civilization, etiquette and socialization, we slowly become aware of reactions and purposes that exist deep within us – embedded commands codes. Is violent conflict then engraved on our DNA? What purpose does humanity serve on this planet?
Aural Fit are the biggest underground psych/noise rock band to rise from the in-the-red psych aesthetics of early High Rise. Bohachi Mondo, Tanabe Endo Kenichi and Nanbu Teruhisa breathe fire. Unyielding, the band devastate on their third full length. Volume at white noise levels, pained vocals, overdriven guitar and unsettled bass and drums are telling of Aural Fit’s perception of the world.

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