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Friday, March 31, 2017

Creepy Smile - You did Not Get the Gist

… “they were certainly intended for Father’s ears. He was seated alone on a lounge chair in the sitting room, his face veiled with a copy of his favourite newspaper, the Guardian, half reading and half listening to Mother. And although he heard everything she said, Father always turned deaf ears to words not directly addressed to him, the kind he often referred to as “cowardly words.”

                                                    Excerpt From: Chigozie Obioma. “The Fishermen.” iBooks.

Smiling(with the intent to mock) at someone who cares not about you… Makes you look STUPID.

Hatred is Validating(Paul John Moscatello):

If you claim to “hate” someone, yet devote a significant portion of your time and attention to campaigning a narrative of how irrelevant and meaningless this individual is, you’re actually only highlighting their competence, showcasing their importance to you, and encouraging others to devote a similar measure of focus on this person’s life.

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