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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Carter • Waters • Barker Trio || Windows Have Eyes

Carter / Waters / Barker Trio Pt I from Windows Have Eyes on Vimeo.

A Windows Have Eyes Production: Daniel Carter, Charles Water & Andrew Barker perform at Pioneer Works on July 24, 2014 in Brooklyn, NY.

Daniel Carter is a writer and musician active since the mid 60s. A member of the cooperative free jazz groups Test, Other Dimensions In Music, and Ghost Moth, Carter has also recorded or performed with a wide range of collaborators including Joe Morris, Matthew Shipp, William Parker, Yoko Ono, Thurston Moore, Sun Ra, Cecil Taylor, and Sam Rivers, among many others. Drummer and composer Andrew Barker, most well-known for his work with Gold Sparkle Band and William Parker's Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra, has recently performed with Barker Trio, with Michael Foster, Tim Dahl and James Ilgenfritz. Upcoming releases include the group ACID BIRDS (IV) with Jaime Fennelly and Charles Waters, and a CD with veteran saxophonist Paul Dunmall and bassist Tim Dahl. Charles Waters (alto saxophone, clarinets) has worked with William Parker's Little Huey Music Orchestra, Matthew Shipp, and Chris Jonas' Brooklyn Comprovisers Orchestra. With Andrew Barker, Waters is part of ACID BIRDS and a co-founder of the Gold Sparkle Band, a collective of musicians that has included Nate Wooley, Sabir Mateen, Matt Lavelle, Hill Greene, and many others.

Carter / Waters / Barker Trio Pt II from Windows Have Eyes on Vimeo.

Carter / Waters / Barker Trio Pt III from Windows Have Eyes on Vimeo.

Daniel Carter : trompet, piano
Charles Waters : alto saxophone, clarinet
Andrew Barker : Drummer

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